Screens of Death

Everybody knows what the “Screen of Death” is on a Windows machine. To be specific, it’s called the “Blue Screen of Death”. And we have learnt to live with it. I see it quite frequently on my laptop and I don’t freak out any more.

I was pretty happy that I got a Mac for work at my office. I had heard that it’s stable, it never crashed and stuff like that, and I had started believing that as well, until the day one of my colleague got the “Screen of Death” on his Mac. Well, the color was different and there wasn’t even any text. Nothing was written. Here comes the “Pink Screen of Death” for Mac.

Well, whenever my Windows laptop crashed, I never cared to read what was written. Without any delay, I used to re-start my machine, and it would be back in action. On the pink screen, there wasn’t anything written, so we decided that we would wait for some time. 10 minutes of waiting and nothing happened. So, finally, we decided to hit the power button, and within seconds it was fine.

I wonder whats the color for Linux machines, guessing that it should be black. šŸ™‚

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