Cooking Diaries: The disaster

Cooking Diaries: The disaster

Weekends are generally my turn to surprise my wife and daughter. Today, this is what I made. Khaman Dhokla. Here’s a picture of what was expected and what the outcome was. It spoiled my years of reputation as a cook in my house. This is the worst disaster ever in the kitchen for me. I was trying to multitask, entertain […]

My mom is always worried

My mom is always worried

Look, How cute I look while sleeping. My Dad keeps clicking my pictures while I am asleep. He says, I am cute when in sleep. My Mom scolds Dad for taking pictures when I am sleeping. But Dad never listens. I say: “Dad, don’t stop. Don’t listen to Mom. Take a lot of pictures of me. Take a lot of […]

My marriage chronicles – 3 Months

That day, was as normal as any other day, or so I thought. Of-course I have heard about mood swings, and have experienced them myself, and have tolerated others’. But wives, are a different human species all-together. And I have learnt that after 3 months into my first marriage. Although, I had been warned about them before, the first hand […]

It’s that time of the year…

When I keep falling sick. When the weather requests me to sleep longer. When my expenses are way ahead of my income. When the stupid box keeps telecasting the same old movies over and over again. When I don’t feel like working anymore. When I don’t feel like cleaning up my dusty room. When the weekends fly past before I […]

Coding Exercise: Am I engaged?

isSearchComplete = false; while (!isSearchComplete) {         if (isBeautiful(girlAtHand)) {                 isSearchComplete = true;                 exchangeRings();                 break;         } else {                 girlAtHand = getNextGirl(); […]

A girl and a boy talk

She: Hey, why didn’t you go to the gym today? He: Ah!! I tried very hard to wake up in the morning, but my eyes refused to co-operate. She: This is not done. You know, I wish that my boy friend has a good body and looks muscular. He: I try my best..and .. .. She: Nothing doing. Do you […]

Conversations and her

She is either very intelligent, or just loves to show off her arguing powers. One day, out of nowhere, she wanted to test me. Usually, I lose the argument, irrespective of the topic of the discussion. Here we go. A chat transcript. She: Did you see a soul-mate (past, present and future) when you first looked into my eyes? I […]

The New Year Post

Ah!! this time I am late. Damn!! There were quite a few reasons. But, finally, this had to come. Image source: Wikimedia commons HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. 🙂 Not much happened when the year changed for me. I was at home, sitting idle, watching the TV. Everyone else at home was asleep. I was the only one at home, […]

Flower chor!! Flower chor!!

Ah!!! I thought things would have changed. It’s been a long long time that I heard such tales from my Mom. Let’s ponder over the background of the story. Every Indian house does some form of Pooja, every morning, for which one of the most important ingredient is “Flowers”. The flowers have to be fresh, i.e, freshly plucked. And the […]

What? What the heck!!!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons People can be so stupid at times. Sometimes, we say or do stupid things, which would make even a donkey laugh out loud. However, there are certain situations where you tend to ignore them. For example, you would just ignore a stupid question from someone when you know that the person is perhaps sad about something, […]