My mom is always worried

Look, How cute I look while sleeping.

My Dad keeps clicking my pictures while I am asleep. He says, I am cute when in sleep. My Mom scolds Dad for taking pictures when I am sleeping. But Dad never listens.

I say: “Dad, don’t stop. Don’t listen to Mom. Take a lot of pictures of me. Take a lot of selfies as well”.

My mom wants everything to be just perfecto. Right from my feeding and sleeping times to my pimples. She gets tensed and depressed too often. But Papa is cool.

It all started with my refusal to feed directly from Mom. The 4 days we stayed back at the hospital, I was diagnosed with mild jaundice, so I had to go through phototherapy. The nurses said that I would cry uncontrollably, and asked everyone not to pick me up. Let her cry. Mom was sad and cried. For me, like other children, I wasn’t a crybaby at the hospital. I co-operated throughout the 4 days. But, I was somehow not ready yet to take the feed directly from my mom. So, I had to be fed by a spoon.

Mom didn’t like it. Anyway, we came back from the hospital, and after a few days of troubling, I started taking the feed directly from my mom. It was a big relief indeed for my Mom. All this while, she was crying and was so desperate to get me to feed properly. She was happy.

But then, for the baby I was, I still haven’t yet developed my digestive system. And so, frequently, I used to spit up right after my food. Mom is tensed now again. She took me to the hospital for the checkup. The doctor said this was normal, and it should go away in a few days. And prescribed a new drop and a tablet which would help be reduce gas. That drop was awful. The taste, although I can’t describe or remember, I just didn’t like it. My expressions told the whole story.

Anyway, my mom still thinks she is not a good mom.

Aadya Says: I think I am fine, and being a baby, I am trying hard to cope up with this world. And it would take some time to get adjusted to this new routine. Moreover, parenting is not that easy. Everything wouldn’t always be the way my mom wants. 🙂 Also, I am your daughter and you are my mom. This cannot be changed. So, you are the best I can get, and I am the best that you can get. Let me warn you once and for all, I will trouble you like hell. This is just the beginning. You can’t even imagine what all mischiefs I have been planning for. You have to go through all of them mom. And Dad, that goes for you as well.

Papa Says: Everything will be fine. She is just a baby, and give her some time.

I will be going to Nani house this Sunday. I don’t want to go, but Mom is adamant in taking me there. If I had a wish, I would never have left Dad for a single day. But, it’s ok. For mom, I will compromise this time. I will go for about 6 weeks. I will miss papa, and all those moments. Papa is sad. But don’t worry Papa, you enjoy your bachelor hood again for a few weeks. Then I will be back to trouble you once again. I will miss Dada and Daadi too. But, after Nani house trip, Mom and Dad have planned for a Daadi house trip too. Although the trip is going to be tiring, I am eagerly waiting for it, with mixed feelings though. Parting with familiar faces, and making friends with the new ones, I don’t know how I am going to handle all this. My mom is only tensed about the flight, and how she would manage me. Papa says, Agra has dirty water, and it’s very hot.

As Momma mentioned that day, “Ignorance is bliss”. And me, I don’t even know anything. HAHAHA. It’s fun to be a baby, and I am sure it’s fun for Mom and Dad to have me as well.

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