From the other side

The glorious past is now gone. Life takes a new turn. The last three weeks had been busier than ever. And the most enjoyable ones. Not for a second, I wasn’t surrounded by at-least half-a-dozen people, and with all hullabaloo around, there wasn’t a moment when I could just stop and think about what was going on. In short, I […]

Fortunate enough?

Fortunate enough?

I stay at near Total Mall, Old Airport Road, Bangalore. Now you would be wondering why the hell I am publishing my location information on my blog when Google already knows my whereabouts!!! Well, apart from the 9 hours this week. For the last 3 months at-least, I have seen the potholes on the Old Airport Road stretch go bigger […]

Counting days…

Waiting is never really exciting. Each and every second tests your patience till you give up. The seconds seem to tread slower than ever. But the only thing you can possible do is “Wait”. Things have their own mind. You might no t believe in destiny, but they only happen when they ought to happen. Not sooner, not later but […]

Ready for Launch

3…2…1… And launch Whenever I get a piece of square or rectangular sized paper, my brain is hard-wired to make a paper plane out of it. I must have made at-least some thousands of them. And after they are made, I make it a point it test it well. And confirm whether it passes the flight tests. Anyone else still […]

7th year and still going strong

Its been over 7 years that I had first stared blogging. I clearly remember my first post here. It went.. Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, Although I have now deleted that post, that memory still is with me. When I started off, I never thought I would be able to continue for 7 years. Not only that, I managed […]

It’s that time of the year…

When I keep falling sick. When the weather requests me to sleep longer. When my expenses are way ahead of my income. When the stupid box keeps telecasting the same old movies over and over again. When I don’t feel like working anymore. When I don’t feel like cleaning up my dusty room. When the weekends fly past before I […]

The Thought Series: Rickshaw puller

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons I always wonder, how other people think. Do they think the same way as I do, or differently. Every action of ours, always has at-least a handful of thoughts that cross our minds. And sometimes, people just think without any reason. And smile. 🙂 And at times, our thoughts are too serious. Thinking is one of […]

A few things to unlearn

Since the beginning of time, that I have been able to understand things and people, and perhaps the world, I have started to think that all the good things that we were taught in school, really have no meaning. 1. Wash your hands before your meals? Almost everyone uses spoons, forks and knives. That small tip might need to be […]

Coding Exercise: Am I engaged?

isSearchComplete = false; while (!isSearchComplete) {         if (isBeautiful(girlAtHand)) {                 isSearchComplete = true;                 exchangeRings();                 break;         } else {                 girlAtHand = getNextGirl(); […]