Fortunate enough?

I stay at near Total Mall, Old Airport Road, Bangalore. Now you would be wondering why the hell I am publishing my location information on my blog when Google already knows my whereabouts!!!

Well, apart from the 9 hours this week.

For the last 3 months at-least, I have seen the potholes on the Old Airport Road stretch go bigger and better. I wondered if the potholes had evolved over the months to be able to reproduce.

But one fine day, on the way to my office, which is again on the Old Airport Road, and in-front of The Leela Palace (A ***** Hotel), I noticed that the whole stretch has been patched up overnight.

Many of you must be wondering, why is it called the Old Airport Road!!!

Once, the road was addressed simply as The Airport Road. But, when BIAL(Bangalore International Airport) was operational , this had to be renamed to the Old Airport Road. It was actually under the control of Indian Airforce, and was also known as HAL Airport.

Looking at the condition of this road, I always used to complain. But, that day, I was really proud of the authorities. All the potholes had been patched up within hours, since the evening before, they were threatening to gobble up the 2-wheelers who dared to put their foot near them. In some, there was room for multiple vehicles also.

I was happy. Well, the potholes haven’t come back since then. It’s been days now. Today, I happened to travel towards the other end of the stretch. As you might have already figured out about my observation power, I again noticed something. The potholes on the other stretch of the road, were still alive and kicking, and growing at an alarming road. My spine complained about them. My bike tried cruising over them. That was really weird. As far as I could see, and observe, the road was divided into two stretches.

The potholed Old Airport Road and The buttery smooth Old Airport Road.

That’s a conspiracy, but at-least I was happy that the part of it, which I regularly used has been worked on, and it has become more treadable. And then I came across this article.

Bangalore: President Pranab Mukherjee arrived in Bangalore yesterday on a two-day visit to Karnataka to participate in official functions.

“The president, who flew into the city from Mysore, was given a red carpet welcome by state Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy and Mayor BS Satyanarayana. He also received a guard of honour from the Indian Air Force (IAF) warriors at the HAL airport,” an official told IANS.

Mr. President, you should come to Bangalore more often, and visit some other places too. This time, I was fortunate enough to be staying near Old Airport Road. Thanks a lot. Hope to see you back soon.

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