The Thought Series: Rickshaw puller

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I always wonder, how other people think. Do they think the same way as I do, or differently.

Every action of ours, always has at-least a handful of thoughts that cross our minds. And sometimes, people just think without any reason. And smile. šŸ™‚

And at times, our thoughts are too serious. Thinking is one of those things which we tend to do all the time. Doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself clever or a fool, you still think.

Just like a person breathing, it doesn’t matter if he has got a large pair of lungs, or a small one.

Ummm….. What am I thinking!!! Anyway, that doesn’t really matter right now.

If I were a rickshaw puller, I would think: (Not in any specific order)

  1. What a lovely cold morning!!! Let’s just sleep for a few more hours. (Waking up on a winter morning)
  2. I should get a new pair of chappals, when I have saved enough.
  3. There should be more trees on the roads. (They can save me from the sun and the rains)
  4. Ah!! This man is so heavy. My muscles are getting tired.
  5. Nooooo. Not again!!! Have to re-fit the chain, and spread the grease all over myself.
  6. I wish people driving motor vehicles would have more respect for others on the road.
  7. Everyone is in a hurry. I think I have to sell off my rickshaw and buy an auto-rickshaw now.
  8. I wish someone did something about the pot-holes on the road. Or may be I should install large shock absorbers on my seat and the 3 wheels.
  9. That guy wants me to keep thousands in change for a ride which costs Rs. 20!!! Can’t he see that I am a rickshaw puller!!!
  10. Oh no!!! 5 people at a time!!! I am going to die today.
  11. Ah!!! There comes an uphill road. šŸ™
  12. Ah!!! There comes a downhill road. šŸ™‚
The Thought series: What do they think about? Why do they think  like that? Can I think like them? These thoughts are random, and are not fictitious. any resemblance to any person/thing/object living or dead is purely coincidental. However, if you would like to know, the only one responsible for this is “My Brain”. And  please be careful not to harm “The Skull”. It has no contribution, whatsoever, in this act.

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