Counting days…

Waiting is never really exciting. Each and every second tests your patience till you give up. The seconds seem to tread slower than ever. But the only thing you can possible do is “Wait”.
Things have their own mind. You might no t believe in destiny, but they only happen when they ought to happen. Not sooner, not later but on time. This year has been a long long year. Probably the longest for me. I want it to go by as fast as possible. 2013 has that unlucky number in it. I guess that’s the reason.
3 more months to go. That’s a long time.
Oh. By the way, I am getting married this November 19th. But again, that’s quite far away. May be I should enjoy my bachelorhood more. 😀
Moving into a new house, shopping, and the preparations would be starting soon. I guess, then I would have no time to count the days.

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