Time killing

It’s Friday. And I am in party mood. But the sad thing is, there’s no party!!!!

I will be very busy this weekend, that’s for sure. Have to roam around a lot, have to brave the sun. Next Tuesday is a holiday for us. That’s a relief.

Time doesn’t fly, it crawls when you want it to fly. I have 3 gmail accounts, which I need to check very frequently. Even that doesn’t help me kill my time at office. By the way, from next week, it seems that I will be given lots and lots of work. But before that, I am chilling, and trying to kill the 8 hours at office.

I don’t know what will happen when that transition comes. From complete idle to loads of stuff, I think I might not be able to handle all this. In a way, I am sure. Let’s see.

I get at-least 50 mails a day, to which I have to reply (un-official). Now, it’s boring. But have to do it. I try to keep my nails in shape by biting them off.

I don’t like IPL and so I am not very excited about it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Time killing

  1. 3 accounts…faux passes…I hardly get 17 mails a day …and mostly from linked in …good for u …time killing is what i am doing right now…blogging on the way back home …that too in the middle of the night

  2. Huh, Why 17? did you count the average?

    Good way to pass time…. I guess, you are writing about the sound of the train, and people snoring inside, the reasons for you not getting sleep.

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