Time killing

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It’s Friday. And I am in party mood. But the sad thing is, there’s no party!!!!

I will be very busy this weekend, that’s for sure. Have to roam around a lot, have to brave the sun. Next Tuesday is a holiday for us. That’s a relief.

Time doesn’t fly, it crawls when you want it to fly. I have 3 gmail accounts, which I need to check very frequently. Even that doesn’t help me kill my time at office. By the way, from next week, it seems that I will be given lots and lots of work. But before that, I am chilling, and trying to kill the 8 hours at office.

I don’t know what will happen when that transition comes. From complete idle to loads of stuff, I think I might not be able to handle all this. In a way, I am sure. Let’s see.

I get at-least 50 mails a day, to which I have to reply (un-official). Now, it’s boring. But have to do it. I try to keep my nails in shape by biting them off.

I don’t like IPL and so I am not very excited about it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Time killing

  1. sid_is_crazy

    3 accounts…faux passes…I hardly get 17 mails a day …and mostly from linked in …good for u …time killing is what i am doing right now…blogging on the way back home …that too in the middle of the night

  2. Kumar Bibek

    Huh, Why 17? did you count the average?

    Good way to pass time…. I guess, you are writing about the sound of the train, and people snoring inside, the reasons for you not getting sleep.


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