Google – Conquer the World????

I shiver at the very thought. When I imagine this, although, it might not happen in the foreseeable future, still, it seems that it’s not that far, and I can see it happening very soon. Soon enough, that frightens me.
We all know Google, since it’s beginning, has been growing by leaps and bounds, (we should find a new word that describes such a kind of growth). Google is slowly penetrating every part of our lives. It’s everywhere. And I guess, almost 80% of what we do on the Internet, is being recorded by the Google Servers. It’s scary. It’s like a big big directory of information on each and every person on the planet, dead or alive, why only people, they have records of each and every kind of organism that ever existed. Well, in a nutshell, all our data is distributed, and exists in the cloud.
All our mails, contacts, and more recently, Google has started saving our documents and pictures (with Docs, and Picassa), then they have our calendar, our notes, then our music playlists, our credit card numbers(Google Checkout), our addresses (needed when you sign in for Google Adsense or Checkout), all of our blogs, and what not. Now they have the Android phones with their OS running on it. So, all our phone calls and messages, can, practically be recorded by Google.
Google’s motivation and ambition is to provide free and opens source technology to everyone. Well, for all these service Google earns a whooping sum, which I can’t even imagine, through Ads. Well, if you think all this as a favorable ecosystem in which, with Google’s technologies, our lives are getting better and better, it’s a fairy tale, and we will only hope for the future to pass by us and present us the new world with Google’s services.
I am sure, Google, has so much power now with it, that it could change the whole world. In George Orwell’s, 1984, we see a world where the Big Brother has the only authority, and he changes the history, the past, the present and the future at will. Just because, he has all the resources of the planet, that he can manipulate. Imagine, if some day, Google really has this kind of power, I am sure, Google will really take over “Planet Earth”. Afterall, power is what everyone wants.
I don’t say that Google is aiming for it, but somewhere right in the Google’s campus, there might be a psychopath, who dreams of conquering the whole world.

6 thoughts on “Google – Conquer the World????

  1. After a long time you have pen down an elegant and nice thought… Seems like your struggles have reduced a little and Your mind has moved from transient state to perfectly fine state of mind.

    Google yeah, whatever Google is providing could have taken years of research for others to reach to the place where google has taken us with him, I am overwhelmed with the way Google has taken over the internet era from it's nearest competitors (Now none seems like competing with them). I am not really threatened for my security, my personal data, even if some psychopath start using my information google will have way to tackle that too…. I think google has set himself god of internet and I am in total devotion to it…

    By the way have you heard about Google Lattitude

  2. Abe, first of all, Why are you deleting your comments. Don't worry, Google has enough space to accommodate all of your comments.

    Hmm, I don't have work at office now, so sitting idle. Some days back, Google released it's OS. That was like the last nail in the coffin to it's competitors. Well, only time will tell.

    Yes, I have heard about Latitude. What about it?

  3. My previous comments had lots of grammatical mistakes. I tried reducing them so last one resulted the best to my standards.

    Google latitude now tracing each and every second of our life.. what about that? Is not it more scary?

  4. True, Psycho. Google is just another reason for you to be afraid! BTW I was going to post something exactly like this. Believe me when I say that you stole my fears! I'll post it anyway but please don't accuse me of plagiarism. It just may be a case of great minds thinking alike! 😛

  5. Hehe, I would be glad if you wrote something like this. Yours will definitely be better than mine.

    Don't worry, I won't accuse you, you can carry on…. 🙂

    You have got the NITK Advantage…

  6. i dont agree much on syco comments , although i can understand his fear bcoz of fierce growth company has achieved in short time, all GOOGLE wants is what all buisnesses want ..to grow.

    i'm being little partial , after all google calendar always sends me alert on important events ( which i always forget ) !!!

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