2nd November – One more birthday

It’s Happy Birthday for someone.

Happy Birthday.

As far as I can remember, birthday bashes used to be very violent for me while I was in college. It always used to be fun, with so many people running in at the last second before the clock struck 12:00.

I was not exposed to such kind of violence before I stepped into the holy land of Kurukshetra. I didn’t even know that there was such a custom on earth. Well, the first year, I escaped somehow. But, the next 3 years, apart from the kicking and beating, people pouncing on my debit card, I, kind of got used to this. Now, for me and most of my friends, it is a feeling of pride to be kicked on the back, without crying out loud. Well, after the beating, many people just walk away, boasting, “Dude, You could have done better. Wait for your b’day and I will show you how is it done”.

To name a few, well, Sidharth, the greatest boaster in such a situation. And then, there were people who eagerly wait for the guy’s b’day who had landed the most dreadful kick on his, and then there were people who just did some foot exercise to get some midnight snacks, and for some it was a party where one could get some free smokes. College life can never be forgotten, I miss those birthdays. 🙂

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