And it stopped raining…

Just a few days ago, I was complaining about Chennai’s weather. It was getting unbearable for me to survive here. The moment I reached home from office, the first thing I would do was to switch on the AC. Not to mention, the electricity bill for each month would be always directly proportional to the temperature, raised to the power of temperature itself.

On friday evening, I had plans of going to Bangalore to escape from the heat. But I guess, the rain gods had other plans. After I reached office, it started raining heavily. I was not aware of how Chennai’s weather will be at this time of the year. I had a train to catch at 11:30pm (note: station was around 35kms from my place). I thought, by that time the clouds would have poured down all their drops. So, I got busy with my work. Ironically, I am currently working on a weather forecasting application. πŸ™‚ When I configured this application to show Chennai’s weather forecast, something seemed to be out of place. It said, “Thunderstorms” for the next 5 days. Well, last week, it said the same thing, and that week was quite hot.

It was 5 in the evening, and I prepared to pack my things. Then my colleague stopped me and asked me to look outside. It was still raining heavily. Damn. I hadn’t done my packing yet for Bangalore. I would get late if the rain didn’t stop, I thought. After 30 minutes, I decided to leave. By the time I entered the open skies, it was only drops here and there. I reached my room without getting wet. πŸ™‚ Lucky me….

Switched on the AC, oh, that had become a habit, it wasn’t needed. After 5 minutes or so, switched it off. Started packing. Got ready, to travel 35kms.

At about 7 in the evening, the rains came back. It must have been the heaviest rainfall that I would ever experience in Chennai. And it didn’t stop until Monday morning. I had called up around 4-5 taxi services, but they were over-booked. The bus stop is 1km away from my house and there was no way that I could have walked that distance in this downpour. I had never thought that I would not be able to step out of my room because of rains. Lost hopes at around 9:30pm.

And now, on Monday morning, finally “It stopped raining”. 2 and a half day, locked up inside my room, and above all, India loosing the series, it was certainly a test of my patience. My room mate was lucky to leave for Hyderabad at the right time. I slept a lot though. And for food, I used to call up a restaurant. The delivery boy would be cursing me. Ahh… Need to re-plan for the Bangalore trip again, next week.

Please don’t rain next week. Please please please

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