Resolutions again!!!

Resolutions again!!!

Well, I have failed miserably with the previous ones. As a tradition, here’s mine for this year. Complete 10 KMs run at a stretch by the end of this year. Sounds impossible? It does. Given that the winters are bad at motivating people on getting healthy. Or may be I need a mountain of motivation to get myself moving.

Twenty 10 >>>>>> Twenty 11

  YEAR A few minutes… All those tweets and facebook status updates will become a thing of the past. 2011 is already knocking. I can hear people bursting crackers outside. My phone is already busy beeping. And there’s a lot of noise outside. There’s one guy, who pinged me exactly at 12:00, to wish me. His message read: “HNY”. And […]

Finally, Vacations!!!

I wish it were college days again, where after every 6 months, we were allowed to go on vacations for a whole month. I wish it were college days again, where I could bunk some days. I have been pretty busy with office work, all this time. I am tired now. And finally the holidays have come. I will not […]

Beaches and Trees

I had mentioned about my trip to Kerala some posts ago. A lot happened actually, and I don’t find enough time to write about everything. Well, that’s really an excuse, but when I sit down to write a blog, I run out of thoughts very quickly. Errr…what was I going to write?? Oh yeah…Let’s see. We did a lot of […]

2010 : Happy New Year

New Year was good. Celebrations went on as planned. But I missed “3 Idiots” show, thanks to Bangalore’s unpredictable weather. As soon as I stepped out in the open, it started pouring heavily. The roads were flooded with water. And the auto-walas, as usual, turned down all my requests to take me to the theatre where my friends were waiting. […]