Finally, Vacations!!!

I wish it were college days again, where after every 6 months, we were allowed to go on vacations for a whole month. I wish it were college days again, where I could bunk some days. I have been pretty busy with office work, all this time. I am tired now. And finally the holidays have come. I will not be going to office from today till next year, a 18 day-long vacation.

A few days away from work, not even a month, and everything will be back to normal. Its been a very very long time that I have blogged about anything. Well, yet another year has gone by, and it didn’t really seem like a year. For this New Year, I will be at home, away from office. But, the very beginning of the next year would be very very hectic.

I am 27 years old now. That means, that I have only around 50 more years to go(best estimate). All these 27 years had been fun. Well, it was a mixed bag actually, but most of it was fun and enjoyable.

I won this time Kunal, by a big big margin. πŸ™‚ Ok, you might be churning out better quality content, but that doesn’t matter. πŸ˜€

Right now, I have 3 laptops in-front of me. One is switched-off, one is sleeping, and the other is getting ready to be packed up and fly with me. YAY!!! Holidays…….

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Properous New Year.
(Just in case I don’t find time to post while I am enjoying at the beach)

4 thoughts on “Finally, Vacations!!!

  1. congrats on the vacation and winning the race this time…but remember, there is still a week to go..and its not over..until its over…hehe

    jaa kahan raha hai?..ghar?

  2. common…come quickly…we will enjoy a lot. And pls for heavens sake dont give all kind of tiresome excuse and sleep throughout the long vacation this time.
    wishing u a safe journey…
    waiting waiting πŸ™‚

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