Beaches and Trees

I had mentioned about my trip to Kerala some posts ago. A lot happened actually, and I don’t find enough time to write about everything. Well, that’s really an excuse, but when I sit down to write a blog, I run out of thoughts very quickly. Errr…what was I going to write?? Oh yeah…Let’s see.

We did a lot of biking, 4 guys and 2 bikes. We had big hopes from Lt. Parida (not late, lieutenant, 🙂 ) that he would be arranging at-least some 150cc bikes. But, we had to manage with one Discover, and one errr… ____________, Please someone fill it up (Samiran, Parida, Kunal). We didn’t have problems with any of the bikes, fortunately, though we (Me and Parida) who were on one bike, survived a small accident, or rather a fall. The only thing hurt in all this was Lt. Parida’s bike. See the photo. Can you see the scratches? Sorry Lt. Parida.

The same day, when we were wandering inside the campus, we saw a big Anaconda (not as big as the one on TV) crossing the road. It had probably just had it’s dinner. Inside the campus, there were signs at places saying, “Go slow, animals cross roads here”. At first I had laughed. When we had crossed the crawling thing, a truck came from the other side. We returned back to see if it was still there, but couldn’t find any signs of it. It was already dark, we wanted to take a picture of it, but decided not to search for it now.

Then there were beaches, and coconut tress (reminder, we were in Kerala). We smoked on the beaches, threw some stones into the waters, (Kunal got a record number of 7 jumps), we drank at night, and played cards. 🙂 🙂

All these days, approx 4 days, I hadn’t checked my mail once. I had my laptop, and I was also carrying my Reliance data card, all prepared to upload photos as and when they were being taken, but to my horror, there were no mobile network signals other than BSNL. We couldn’t even use our cell phones (sometimes took photos with it). 🙁

We took a lot of photos, lots and lots….

We went up a light house, “No Problem”. Wasn’t a big one, but I had never been up a lighthouse ever. And as soon as we entered the building, Mr. Samiran had a question ready for us, for which, even he didn’t have an answer? “Why aren’t there any lifts in Lighthouses?” As if, he had been to all the light-houses of the world, and had made his amazing and non-existent discovery/theory.

While we were walking on the beaches (don’t remember the name), something bit me on my foot. I though I would have stepped on some stone. But the pain didn’t go away after I moved. When I looked down, I almost fainted. A strange creature was holding onto my left toe. “Illlo Bopalo”, I shouted, and hit that thing with Lt. Parida’s helmet. After 2 blows and lot’s of shouting, it let go of my toe. The other’s were enjoying this scene, quitely from a distance. Only Kunal came running towards me, I was bleeding. This is what he did after that.

Damn it, he came running with his camera, to take a picture. Huh, Can you see the blood on it’s teeth?

They didn’t even care to take me to a hospital. Not even a tetanus, what I had in mind was an anti-venom. Though, none of us knew what creature it was (poisonous/not).

While returning, Parida said, since you were bitten, let me drive. I said I was okay and I was in a condition to drive. But how could I ignore Lieutenant Parida’s orders!!!! I finally gave in.

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