iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and now the brand new iSleep

Apple, well, everyone is going ga-ga about Apple products. In my office, I have an iMac. It’s huge and it’s nice and sexy. A friend got an iPhone the other day, and we almost ended up fighting on over it’s competitor, Android. I don’t know iPhone, and I have never used one. iPad is a Kindle killer. Never used a Kindle. 🙂

iPhone does everything. iPhone supports orientation change. iPhone does this, does that. It’s cool to have an iPhone. You should have an iPhone. And then it’s big brother promises even more. And of course, there’s iPod, which is a must have for all music lovers.

Wasn’t that enough? Now, the iPad is the talk of the tech world.Type iPad on Google and you will see never ending updates from people who are tweeting about iPad round the clock. It just goes on and on.

I am tired now of all the ‘i’s. I need some sleep now. Google, please wake up. Else, one fine day in future, the iNews device from Apple will have the headline.

“Apple launches iWorld and iEarth.”

By the way, Google has iGoogle. Was it developed by Apple? Hey, Apple, one more chance to sue Google. Go ahead. Good night. iSleep.

3 thoughts on “iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and now the brand new iSleep

  1. @Apple, please don't sue me. 🙂

    @Google, please help me if Apple sues me

    @Others, please refrain from sending the link to this post. It might reach Apple someday.

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