Friday again – Brain Drained Already!!!

Till lunch, I had not realized that it was Friday already. Wow, this week flew away really fast. By the way, I was on leave yesterday. Had a bad stomach upset.  As much as I enjoy Fridays, I hate Mondays even more. The concept of weekdays should change now. It’s been there since the invention of Calendar, I guess. All the laws in the world keep changing, why can’t this change?

So here is what I propose. The new Calendar system should be called “Corporate Calendar”. Here are some of the features that I would like to see.

1. 6 days in a week (Delete Monday)

2. 61 weeks in an year

3. Remove the concept of the Leap year, to make the life of coders a bit more easy

4. Have a 365 days a year, simple.

5. Keep 12 months (else think of more names for the months)

6. First 5 months have 31 days and the next 7 have 30 days

So, how does this work? Since, we have removed the Monday, a lot of people will love this calendar, and would be more willing to adopt this.

6 days in a week. Chuck the concept of Weekdays and Weekends. What we will have is Workdays and Playdays. Tuesday, Thurday and Saturday will be workdays, while the rest should be playdays. That’s the main reason why the number of days in a week should be reduced to 6.

Children of the world will find it easier to remember this calendar, after they learn it once. 31 days for the first 5 months, and the rest are 30 days. No leap year (Good news for coders as well). One less day (Monday) to remember. Friday is a Playday, Enjoy without getting bored in office and writing meaningless blogs.

On second thoughts, there shouldn’t be any damn calendar here. Why is everything organized in this world? Don’t we know that the world, rather the whole universe was created out of random events? Who the hell had the idea to make everything so planned? I love chaos and hate routine stuff.

Hate that calendar and the alarms on my phone. :@

2 thoughts on “Friday again – Brain Drained Already!!!

  1. Chaos, randomness, unordered and upheaval this words sounds good when it is personal life. It sucks when 50 people are interrupting others life. US is called awesome orderly manager country where nothing falls in the category of chaos and we love that country all because of this.

    Lets talk for your other more interesting point. your calender looks perfect for guys like us, where we can enjoy it a lot… but there are other people who have fast and other beliefs on current week setting… Update your suggestion for those people as well

  2. True Vishal, but sometimes you feel that what we will achieve by getting organized. What will we achieve if the whole world is organized? Even if we the threefold Utopian dream comes true, what then? I don't really know what I was thinking when I wrote this post. 🙂

    Whats wrong in this calendar? I have just removed the Monday. What fast? Well, everything will change according to that and people will finally be used to this one day, don't you think? 🙂

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