Hey, My friend’s gone to SPAIN

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Hey everyone, my most fierce competitor has left for Spain tonight for a 3 month trip. During which I am pretty sure, that he won’t be able to find enough time to concentrate on his posts. So, I am looking forward to beat him by a good enough margin when he is back, so that this year, I would emerge as the unanimous winner. I have 5 posts this year, including this one, while he has 4. Right now, I am leading by 1 post. I will definitely try to increase this margin soon. I will keep this place full. But, I will miss you, and your comments. The first comment invariably came from you. And for some posts, your were the sole commenter. I will miss that. Competition aside, I wish you “A very happy and safe journey”, and an eventful trip to Spain. Have a great time. Bye bye…

2 thoughts on “Hey, My friend’s gone to SPAIN

  1. Kunnu

    this is a comment from a guy who has gone to Spain for 3 month trip…and remember..you cannot even beat me this year..I have 3 blogs ready…and will post when i shift into my apartment on tuesday…hehe..anyway… competition is good…for both of us!!


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