Exams, Results and Dreams

Exams, well, obviously, they are not the stuff that people love. Results; even more hated. And the wait for the results can be sometimes, never ending. How long can you really wait!!! And especially, when you are just hoping that everything turns out good. But, it almost never happens. Before exams, I have had weird dreams. Really really weird… “I […]

What? What the heck!!!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons People can be so stupid at times. Sometimes, we say or do stupid things, which would make even a donkey laugh out loud. However, there are certain situations where you tend to ignore them. For example, you would just ignore a stupid question from someone when you know that the person is perhaps sad about something, […]

Extracts from my Old Diary

Extracts from my Old Diary

The extracts are unedited/uncensored. Really. 31/01/2004 The month of January seems to have stagnated. The biting cold and intermittent rains have lowered down the temperatures. There’s no better place than my warm bed and the common room. Right now, I am in a dilemma. I don’t know what to do after my B.Tech degree. Of course, the first preference will […]

Graduated !!! *After College*

4 years of engineering was fun. Each and every day was as enjoyable  as the first or the last day of college and hostel. But now, things have changed, for good and bad. Hostel life, I guess, was a great experience for me. When I look back, through the hazy memories, I can still clearly re-collect some moments which can […]

Our Rules for RPL

First things first : What is RPL?? Any wild guesses? No? Ok, here it is, Roomies Premier League. The name has not been in wide use, but I think the rules of the game remain the same, no matter where the game is being played. Let me give you a brief history of the game. First year in hostel: Under […]