CAT 2007, My first attempt at the so-called toughest exam for MBA admissions was quite an event worth remembering. I don’t know yet, how it went, since I haven’t checked my answers and I would not do it as well. I have seen peoples’ confidence crashing down after checking their answers.

After the exam, I was chatting with this guy, who we (Koramangala junta) believed, would score quite high.

Vishal: Hey, I got 43.
Me : Great, in which section?
Vishal: Total…….

Another coversation..

SURI: I think I will clear the two sections but English. I am getting ZERO in English, might be negative also. (This was his third attempt)

Another one…

Me: Checked your answers??
Kunal : No.
Me: Why?
Kunal: Mainu ki farak painda…..(How will it matter to me).

I cannot let this happen to me. Till the results are out, I want to believe that all my answers are correct. I don’t want to be depressed and frustrated like all the other fellows who have determined how much they are going to score approximately. I haven’t seen a happy face till now who is satisfied with his predicted score.
I am also not very sure about the correctness of the solutions posted by several institutions on their websites. I have already heard about some questions being answered differently by these institutions, especially the questions in english. So guys, dont give up hope yet. Who knows, the IIMs answers might just match with what you have marked. I haven’t given up. Just wait for the results.

But, my real fear is not about getting a very low score. I had no preparations at all. That wont bother me much. But, if I get lucky, and score somewhere around 98, or may be more than that, I will consider myself a genius, atleast among the Koramangala junta. May be I won’t get a call from the IIMs, but I would certainly miss the chance of applying to other colleges, like SP Jain, NITIE etc, if this were to happen. So, right now, I am in a dillema. Should I check my answers? Just the thought of it gives me shivers. It is actually a very brave thing to do after the CAT exams. One of my friends shut himself up in his room while he was doing this, and came out of the room after 2 and a half hours 🙂

There is a strong urge to check my answers, but when I think the after-effects, the optimistic “me” denies to do this. I cant take this pressure any more. I am eagerly waiting for the IIMs to declare the results. I have another fear too. I dont want to score the lowest among the Koramangala junta, else, I have to treat 4 people. But, I have a feeling that, when the results are declared, the koramangala junta will celebrate another DIWALI,not with crackers but with LAUGHTERS. I want to be there when the results are declared. I think we already know, who is going to be the BAKRA (score the lowest and treat others). While deciding on this bet, we thought that this kind of a condition would push everyone to perform better. After we agreed to this, one of them(Felix) , deliberately didn’t send the application for submission (He said he didn’t have his degree certificate with him, I don’t believe him) . After the exams, 2 of them tried to back off. Me and Suri are the only ones that still believe that we wont get the lowest scores. But, anything can happen SURI, we still have time to cancel this whole thing. Decide now!!!!

On a serious note:
CAT is not everything in my life, morever, this was my first attempt, a real live MOCK CAT for me. And I have already started preparing for the next year’s CAT. It just takes a MAN to crack the CAT.

4 thoughts on “CATrified!!!!!!!

  1. Hee hee hee,

    Nice thing to keep the hopes alive. but When you have dived in to air with a parachute, then why the hell are you thinking will it open or not.

    Stop thinking of dieing when you have dived.

  2. mainu ki farak painda…..
    par fark to padta hai bhai!!!!
    apan jayenge to ek saath….aur agar nahi bhi gaye…..to nuksaan apna thode hi n hoga…..

    On a serious note….
    Were you not a MAN…..when you were giving the examination….

  3. i am so happy seeing syco so terrified and petrified …. hope u dont lose the bet(i'm with u syco…however i dont believe that suri can score zero in english)

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