Candy Land – A story by Aadya

Story published in my school magazine – Aditya Birla Public School, Bhubaneswar

Link to the story

There was a small kingdom named Candy Land. It was made up of candies, chocolate and sweets. Near the chocolate river, there was an incredibly big palace with 3 large ice cream towers. It had windows made up of chocolatey gems with colourful curtains made out of jelly. The palace had a giant cake door decorated with gems and lollipops.

King Lollipop and Queen Cotton Candy lived there. Their crowns were made up of biscuits and jelly. The king and the queen loved candy. They ate candy for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Their son, the candy prince, was very naughty. He kept throwing candy wrappers everywhere he went.

One day, he wanted to do some mischief. He took many candies and threw them out of the palace’s windows. Some of them went into the chocolatey river, some fell on the ground. The wrappers from these candies polluted the river, some of the wrappers went towards the sky and touched the clouds. The clouds did not like this, and started drying.

It rained continuously for 1 month. The candies, cakes, chocolates and lollipops melted away. The palace vanished. There were no more candies left in the Candy Land. The king, queen and the prince had nothing to eat. The candy prince realised his mistake and promised not to litter his surroundings again. The three of them together cleaned the whole candy land. When it was done, the candy fairy appeared, and with a swoosh of her magic wand, which looked like a lollipop, brought back their candy land again.

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