Random post at midnight

Image courtesy: Wikimedia

I was talking to a friend today. He said, “People update their blogs only when they are sad and gloomy. When they are happy, why the heck would they want to sit in-front of their computers typing out their thoughts? Rather they would hang out with friends, have a beer, watch a movie and enjoy their nice time.”

Well, I do agree.

I recently started a chain mail and added everyone on my contact list (at-least those I remembered). This time around, the response was pathetic. The last time we did a similar thing, Google had blocked my gmail account for a day stating that the limit of the number of mails that could be sent in a day was crossed. They said that I had sent more than 500 emails for that particular day.  


This time, the chain hasn’t even been able to collate even 15 links. That’s understandable I guess. People have settled now. Some married, some too busy with work and some have perhaps forgotten their old friends. I am not complaining though. That day, I was a little low on work, so didn’t know what to do. I was bored of Facebook and Twitter and then I remembered all my friends. 😀