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I was talking to a friend today. He said, “People update their blogs only when they are sad and gloomy. When they are happy, why the heck would they want to sit in-front of their computers typing out their thoughts? Rather they would hang out with friends, have a beer, watch a movie and enjoy their nice time.”

Well, I do agree.

I recently started a chain mail and added everyone on my contact list (at-least those I remembered). This time around, the response was pathetic. The last time we did a similar thing, Google had blocked my gmail account for a day stating that the limit of the number of mails that could be sent in a day was crossed. They said that I had sent more than 500 emails for that particular day.  


This time, the chain hasn’t even been able to collate even 15 links. That’s understandable I guess. People have settled now. Some married, some too busy with work and some have perhaps forgotten their old friends. I am not complaining though. That day, I was a little low on work, so didn’t know what to do. I was bored of Facebook and Twitter and then I remembered all my friends. 😀

8 thoughts on “Random post at midnight

  1. I am yet to send the pictures on that mail….lets see the response after that 🙂

    However, i dont entirely agree that, people update blogs only when they are sad and gloomy. We just want to share something which we find interesting..and sometimes..yes..when we are pissed off!!

  2. I remember saying this to you and this is fact. Most of us crib whenever we are not happy.

    Happiness does not last long because we never talk about it much… Otherwise society must have been different than now 🙂

  3. Allow me to disagree with Vishal and you. Quite a few people, including me, blog because we like too. It hasn't got much to do with being sad, it is about being in the mood to write, and that can even be in moments of joy.

    Moving on, yes, we do remember our friends for selfish reasons (alone, bored etc), but there are always the few who would be in your head no matter what.

  4. @JojoFeelings: Well, Honestly speaking, I started off writing here quite some time back. During the initial days, I put up a post or two whenever I found time.

    But, apart from a few of us(that probably includes you and @Kunal), I do feel that it's true. 🙂

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