My smart phone – Really?

With the influx of numerous smart phones, the average user is all but confused when it comes to choosing a phone for himself. The world has moved ahead, pretty fast. And so has the technology. Today is the time where information travels faster than anything else, perhaps even thoughts. With the Blackberrys, iPhones, Androids and the Nokias all over the place, it’s virtually a battleground, and everyone wants a share of the pie. I guess, this sense of competition brings about the best in technology to the consumers. I am quite happy with my so-called “Smart Phone”, but I would like to see a few more things that could really make my phone smart. Here are some of them.

  1. I talk on the phone alright. But it would be really cool if I could “TALK TO MY PHONE”. I mean, I should be able to control my phone completely by talking to it. No more clicking, no more touching. That would be cool.
  2. Video calling. Yeah yeah, it’s available on a few phones, but still, a majority of the phones out there don’t yet support video calling.
  3. A better anti-theft solution from what are available right now. When we lose a phone, it’s virtually impossible to get it back. May be something like, I would get the details of the person holding my phone delivered to my email. I mean all the details, his photo, his name and address, his location and anything else that is available, and then directions to the nearest police station too 🙂 . That would be really nice. Smartphones are costly, and nobody likes to lose them.
  4. More battery power. How about a solar powered battery, or at-least an in-built charger for the battery that charges your batteries when you are out in the sun. I don’t like phones that go dead when I am on an important call.
  5. A really smart keyboard. BlindType is very impressive. Cool.
  6. I would like to remote control my appliances at home. I know it’s not too far though. Google’s Powermeter and similar technologies would make it a reality someday, for everyone. Even my car, that would be just perfect.
  7. Somehow, allowed me to communicate with my friends and family when I am out of my provider’s coverage area. For example, Mt. Everest. It might use satelite communication to push my message through. Well, I expect this service to be costly. and won’t mind paying.
  8. Phones that can interact with people with disabilities.

Smart phones have really gone smart today. They helps us navigate, it’s a personal diary for some, they tell us time, weather, give us the latest news updates, keep us connected to the whole world. But still, these pretty little devices haven’t been able to reach the most needed ones. It would be great if the price of a smartphone comes down to levels that makes them affordable for all. That would make it really really SMART.

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