My first happy birthday

Hey everybody, I m one year old. Yes, I m, n so r my parents. Confused, huh? It’s simple that became parents the day I was born so we all became 1 year old in Valentine’s day 2016.

I got up late that day n found a gift next to me, it was Brighty “the teddy that dad got for me”.

Then I met dadaji dadiji n all n my Mamaji came.

Then we ate, took bath n went to temple.

Then we ate n slept n then started getting ready for the party.

Grand Pa gave a big party for me. As it was VDay as well, dad, mom n me, we all decided to get dressed up in red. But finally only I was in red n they both were in some variations of red.

There were so many guests n I learnt many things that day.

I learned how to perfectly accept an envelope n hand it over to mom/ dad or Mamaji whoever is near the collection bag.

I learnt there is always delicious cake at birthday parties n if mom dad say “Aadu it’s enough”, I just have to shed few crocodile tears n they will let me eat more.

I learnt the taste of rabdi n I came to know that I m actually a rabdi lover.

I learnt how to pose perfectly for the camera like a big celebrity.

I learnt that we get lots of gifts in our birthday, n that we have to unpack them at night n decide what we want to like n what not.

I whoever that these parties are a place to gossip, but m only interested in all the sweets.

It was a fun day, I didn’t go to anyone’s arms other than my mom dad, but I loved all the attention.

M waiting for my second birthday to again receive lots of gifts.

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