Hi All, I am back

It’s been quite a long time since I blogged. Quite a few things have been happening around me. Now things have settled a little, and finally, I got some time to take a deep breath. Had been real busy for the past few months. And as everything has an end, I am hoping that this (not being so busy) doesn’t end so soon.

A few days back, I was a little sad and taken aback when someone told me that I was ignoring everything else for work. But the good part is I realized that it was actually true. I also realized that I was not getting enough sleep and rest and that, in a way was really getting back to me. Thanks, “whoever” it was. Actually, 2 of them.

Ok, enough said. 

  • Amit Chahar got maried. Congrats Amit and Asha. Lets meet soon. Sorry I couldn’t attend your marriage.
  • It was Amit Kunjal’s birthday yesterday. I actually wished him a day in advance.
  • Happy Birthday Shakul Jugran. Calls for a treat.
  • Happy Birthday Debasis Biswal. Come to bangalore once and we will have a blast, all expenses to be borne by you of course. 

I recently went to a remote rural school on an official visit. It was a joy ride. The weather was perfect. But the best part of it was interacting with students and teachers. I didn’t know the local language (Kannada), but that didn’t matter. I was surprised to see almost all of them conversing well with us in English. I am not sure if I was that good back then. Students even in the 7th grade looked so very young. They made me look really old. Brought back old memories. Came back and added a few friends from school and college on facebook.

One day, away from office, city traffic and among the children was worth spent. Looking forward to more such trips in the future, now that I am trying to reduce my working hours 🙂 (Seriously…..@”whoever(2)” Believe me… I am not a workaholic, it’s just that someone needed to pinch me to wake me up).