Time machine. Umm, no, a teleporter please

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At times, I have been fascinated by the idea of Time Travel. Those movies on Time Travel were so enjoyable to watch. There have been numerous adaptations of this concept in movies, serials (Captain Vyom) and novels. No one knows yet, if it will be possible ever. But, I get a feeling that people have stopped working on it. Perhaps, they have given up, since it’s been quite some time I have heard people talk or discuss about this, or new movies based on Time Machines. Perhaps, the interest, or rather the need of this generation has shifted to something else. Teleportation. 🙂

For some of you, it might be a new word. So, by definition on Wikipedia, Teleporation is “the transfer of matter from one point to another, more or less instantaneously.”

Time Travel still brings in a sense of excitement and adventure in me, but I would prefer to get teleported to somewhere, or wherever and whenever I like. Why? Here you go:

  • I want to get to office and back home without getting stuck in traffic.
  • Airfares have skyrocketed beyond the volume of my pockets.
  • I want to visit my parents more often, and my girl friend too (Please don’t ask who)
  • I want to have a fag at midnight when I am with my parents, without they knowing.
  • I want to meet Sachin Tendulkar personally when he is relaxing in his balcony.
  • I want to be around Mrs. Sonali Bendre for some time.
  • I want to keep a chocolate for a child on the streets without he knowing it.
  • I want to retrieve all the documents from their hideouts which could land all the corrupt people in jail.
  • I want to spend some time alone on Mt. Everest.
  • I want to wish all of my family, friends and relatives personally on various ocassions.

Well, there are more, but I guess you can figure out why a Teleporter can be more helpful than a Time Machine. And by the way, if you change something, by going into the past or present, there’s gonna be a hell lot of confusion.

And now, the secret: I am trying to build one. Please contact me if you are also interested in contributing towards this.

11 thoughts on “Time machine. Umm, no, a teleporter please

  1. I am interesting in buying ur product once u develop it..as I'll also use it very often..after full day in office in Blore i'll hae my mom made dinner in Agra nd then back to office next day….wow the idea is so exciting…u definitely have a customer.. 🙂

  2. Lovely concept I must say…this would definitely make shopping more enjoyable 😉
    n ya mom and dad tumhe har eek ghante mein surprise inspection visit dena nahi bhulenge 😉

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