Need for a change?

Today, while I was passing by the Legislative Assembly building of Orissa on my way to some place, the sight triggered a chain of thoughts into my mind which was happily thinking about the sky, birds and the beaches before this. When I was a child, before I opened my Social Studies book, I wondered what would people do inside such buildings. I haven’t yet seen the interiors of this building but then it wouldn’t be much different than the Parliament houses we see on TV, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, apart from being proportionately smaller than the those.

I started thinking about how and whose idea it would have been to create a parliamentary system where countless number of people would be present, half of them sleeping, some of them day-dreaming, and a few ones shouting their hearts out. And then the Speaker siting there, as a king, on a raised chair, throughout the day, enjoying the drama going on the floor. Well, I am sure it wouldn’t be anything less than a drama. As for me, I would rate Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav’s talks very entertaining. He wakes up the house (read: sleeping members), lightens up The Speaker, and irks the opposition (who try their best to control their laughter).

I even remember, when cable televisions were not around, my father used to specifically wait for the show every day during the winter and the summer sessions of the houses. I could see him wearing a smile throughout the duration of the show, and there were occasional outbursts of laughter, from my father and from inside the television set. As a child, even I found it funny sometimes, the fights, arguments and the sleeping ministers. Ah, it was quite an entertaining program on National TV those days. But, now, I don’t see my father even stop on this program while he is browsing through all the movie and news channels. I guess, his favorite stars have all retired, and he doesn’t find it entertaining anymore. Me too.

Well, this wasn’t the subject matter of this post. I will come to the point now. The moment I passed by that building, a picture of the large hall of the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha flashed through my mind. I thought, “Is this all necessary”? Agreed, that all the countries do this, and it has been standard procedure for the governments to meet and discuss issues and probably solve them. I wonder if this is the best way to do it, or a change is needed so that we could adapt the systems to match the 21st centuries demands and needs (faster actions and please please please no corruptions and scandals).

Well I know that the ministers actually do work when they are not in the parliament. And most of the work is done outside of the parliament houses and not in presence of virtually every minister in the country. So, why do we still continue to follow this practice of having parliamentary sessions? Can’t we just chuck it? If there is indeed something to be discussed and voted for among all the Ministers, can’t we have a better system? Instead of flying all the ministers from different parts of the country, the majority of which would have nothing to say, but a “yes” or a “no”?

We have progressed so much in technology, we produce or develop software for the rest of the world, but we haven’t been able to use it ourselves. Our governments still use a lot of work and most of them refuse to accept the new hi-tech changes entering their offices. Most of the government offices don’t have a website, and the ones which have one, haven’t been updated since they were first launched. Well, the list can go on and on, but I don’t want to make this post bigger than this. 🙂

Just one last thing!!! Don’t laugh at me please. I am a software engineer, and so, my thoughts would be obviously be related to where and how I work. So, my question is:

“Does our Government follow Waterfall model or Scrum methodology to execute projects?”

I don’t think they use any of the methodologies at all. In case they don’t, has the time come to change the way our Government works? I would not mind to see an amendment in the Constitution of India, which would require every incumbent to be trained in Project Management, at the very least. I don’t mind if they are just graduates, MBAs from Harvard or just plain illiterates. If at all they are required to work, they should be at-least have proven experience or should be trained before they take their oaths. Like the IT companies hire their employees. 😀 What say!!!!

We, the software engineers, do not take oath, but still fulfill our responsibilities and in most cases over-perform each day. Isn’t that amazing? Are we corrupt? I guess, not.

9 thoughts on “Need for a change?

  1. Agreed. But, do you seriously think that these 60+ politicians would agree on moving from these shouting and good for nothing sessions to a well managed and time saving system. What is required is a will to do best in their jobs. And I think, even by the present system, a lot of serious work can be achieved, if they just try honestly. Instead, they just waste time by all the bullshit. What parliament needs is young and honest blood. But, where is the young blood? Working as a software engineer and writing blogs.

  2. Yeah very true Beanie, we need a change there. We should have some better management for these parliamentary sessions…but i agree with Kunnu..for that..we have to leave our laptops and think and act seriously for our country..
    Btw..i was expecting a different blog..u ditcher.. 😛

  3. Ahem!!! I was expecting such responses. I agree that today's youth are busy making money sitting in front of their computers and no one really cares to clean up the system.

    If I tell my parents that I would like to enter politics, they would never agree. This also has to change. If all all, given a chance to hold an office in the government, I would be happy to do so, but I will then be worried about the possibility of survival in such a system. Again, you would counter it by saying that I should not care about the consequences. I have no answer to that.

    @Vidushi: That blog will come.

    @Kunal: I am loving what I am doing right now. I love my job. 🙂

  4. @beanie – You think that you are loving your job. But. actually you are not. Look deeper inside yourselves, and you will find the truth. If you do not find it, look deeper. 😀 😀

  5. nice one …but i wonder if it can even wake a single sleeping minister…they come to delhi on public money just to sleep in the ac parliament whose one day cost runs into crores…a small part it being my or even ur share of tax…so dude its been happening from ages…so chillax…after all the inspiring movies even what have we acheived..nothing ..just a good movie review… so enjoy ur seat and the idle image …

  6. There are lot of which are mockery of government but they were not intended to do this…

    First: Parliamentary session time is not resting time for over tired politicians. As per the constitution, these sessions are conducted to discuss the best for mango man. Those session's intentions were to brainstorm to bring best out for citizen of India whatever but … Why can not someone pass the rule of throwing sleeping ministers out of parliament and not giving any wages n allowances for the day. In software world parliamentary sessions are very similar to design meetings where few of us sleep as the feature discussed in not important to the work.

    Second: Warm n hot blood is not gonna solve everything. Hot blood can provide the momentum but it can not overrule the decisions taken based on experience. We chunk of people think it is important to provide little energy to old bastards but I think instead of young blood we need India with less bureaucracy. We need bastard who are selfish but a little.

    Our system is not bad but is not perfect as well. it has loopholes but people have exploited them to look like big big a**holes.

    There is lot to say but all is repetitive and known to every one, it is just neither we nor others act.

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