God or Choas

I do not deny God’s presence, but I still think about the possibility sometimes. Whenever I have an argument on this topic with anyone, I would almost all the time fight like a 100% non-believer and attribute all the events taking place to sheer randomness and chaos.

I guess, this world, is the best example chaos and randomness. If there were God, he must be doing real good to manage everything though. So, wouldn’t it make God’s life easier if we prayed only for those things which we really really wanted?

3 thoughts on “God or Choas

  1. The only thing that I feel that is random and chaotic on this world is the way human think and behave. But everything else is mathematical. I could be wrong but from what I have read , everything is pure maths. I too think some times if there is life on other planets do they have their own god?
    But again our own scriptures say that god is a creator or rather an engineer.

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