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A few years back, I liked the online version of The Times of India and it was perhaps the only place where I read the newspaper for sometime. As an effort towards saving paper, I had also stopped getting the paper Newspapers. I liked the site, and it was almost updated instantly whenever there was a new story for which you would have to wait for the next day’s newspaper.

But, now, the Times Of India site sucks. I have written 2 mails to the editor, regarding my concerns, but nothing has happened yet, and probably nothing will change. These guys still want to sell news on the paper, whereas I thought that they would one day, try and reduce the amount of paper that they use up everyday.

Somethings that I don’t like:

  1. Ads everywhere: It takes almost a minute for the front page to open, and display some content.
  2. The front page of the online version is just sexed up. It looks attractive, thats all, but it doesn’t show quality content.
  3. They have completely changed the meaning of Headlines. Any new news is a headline for them, and it appears right at the top.
  4. When I open the website, I would expect to see the articles that would probably be seen on the paper newspaper. But, the online version, I guess, doesn’t have a competent editor. Some guy who maintains the website, seems to be a self-proclaimed editor for the website, who actually doesn’t know what should go where.
  5. Videos. Aaahhh….I don’t like the videos. Most of them are related to things which I would never like to see. And moreover, the videos start with 30 sec ads, yes each one of them.

I was pissed off when this article managed to get into the headlines of The Times of India, today morning.

Woman delivers a ‘tweet’ child

It might be interesting for some, and I congratulate the mother and the child, but this is definitely not an article for the Headlines of a so-called well known, a leading national newspaper.

I now wonder, if this kind of content that fetches them more money. Is this a well-researched method to generate readership for newspapers/magazines, in general? Do people actually enjoy reading such stories? I reckon, YES. So, then, it’s not the newspapers to be blamed. I guess, the “golden” days were better, where every morning, we would eagerly wait for the morning newspaper and then fight over it with other family members, each trying to snatch away their favorite page of the newspaper, and then enjoy the morning tea. Now, It’s all about money.

7 thoughts on “Kudos Times of India

  1. I agree with you my friend, totally. I have a love hate relationship with TOI. I like some of their articles but reading inconsequential news in the headlines is seriously a piss off though.

  2. I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

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