The Last SMS – contd.

That wasn’t actually the Last SMS. After that day, when we met for the first time, I explained her the whole story, ummm…., not the whole, only a part of it. I didn’t tell her that I had any feelings for her. I said that it was just my friend’s mischief, and there was nothing more to it. And she believed, at-least, I believed she did. And then, we started talking again.

After our final exams, we(I and my friends) packed our bags to leave hostel and college forever. It was our last day. We hadn’t quite planned out our journey back, so, were short of time. I couldn’t meet her before leaving, though I was dying to meet her the last time, perhaps, the last time ever. We had a train to catch. I was somewhat saddened by the fact that probably we would never talk again either. She was still in college. I was cursing my friends for not being able to arrange tickets for the next day.

After a few good byes, and hugs, and a few tears, we left the college premises. Somewhere within my heart, I still had the hope of seeing her the last time. Perhaps, she was waiting for me at the railway station. I was nervous. We reached the station. My eyes rolled in all directions. I couldn’t see her. I looked at my watch again and again. There were still a few minutes left. All the time, I was expecting a call. I had told her that I would be leaving today. “How could she forget?”, I thought.

Our train had already arrived. I wanted to give her a call. But, somehow, I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to tell her. But I wanted to say, “Why didn’t you come? Why didn’t you call?”. 5 minutes before the train left, I gave her a call in the hope of listening to her voice for one last time. The phone rang, I was still thinking what to say. It kept on ringing. “She must be on her way”, I thought.

And then, a voice answered, “The number you have dialed is not ……”. @##$#%

I tried once more, still no answer. I was still on the platform, my eyes fixed on the entrance. The train started moving. My friends called out. I felt like crying, felt like running back to the hostel. But I knew I have been expecting for something that would never happen. She would never come, I knew that. Dejected, I boarded the moving train.

I got on the train, settled myself. My friends thought I was sad for my other friends and college. They thought I was already missing the hostel life, and made fun of my. I was in my own world. I was looking at my phone all the time.

After sometime, I typed in the words, “I Love You, I always did, from the very first day we met. Sorry and Goodbye”, and sent it to Ms. 291. THAT!!!! was the last SMS.

10 thoughts on “The Last SMS – contd.

  1. i was also waiting for this…m just wondering how will Ms.291 react after reading this…like this may be..

  2. @Mausumi: πŸ™‚ Nothing will change if she ever reads it.

    @Anonymous: It's more of a story, so it will obviously have bits of my imagination. πŸ™‚

    @Free Radical: *wink*

  3. EXCELLENT, my dear.As some one rightly commented, nice way of putting emotions/feelings into english words.Perhaps, this made our friends calling u PSYCHO…:-D

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