The last SMS

There was a girl in my college. She was in my class. And her Roll No. was 291. Mine was 294. The guy with Roll no.  292 left college after some days. And Roll No 293 was a great friend of mine. After the first year of college, Ms. 291 and I were enrolled into a new class. Mr. 293 was now out of the story. Well, Mr. 293 actually had a greater part in this story, but I chose to cut short his involvement in this affair, in our affair. In the new class, there was no one between 291 and 294. I thought, someday, I will let her know my feelings when we were alone. I was sort of sure that there was destiny’s play in all this, and the whole world was working towards getting the two of us closer to each other. See, we both got into the same class after the first year, and Mr. 293 was left behind. πŸ˜€

Being in the same class meant always being in the same group of friends, lots of chats, exchanging notes, coffee breaks and snacks, phone calls, sms, emails and a few lunches and dinners. When we used to go out for project work together out of our campus, I always insisted on having dinner at some good place. I had already prepared a list of nice food joints near our campus. She never gave in and said her friends would be waiting at the hostel. Though I always had my proposal ready, I was actually waiting for the appropriate time and opportunity, which never came. But I never gave up hope.

I never got a chance to know how she felt about me. I never asked her. I was afraid. I made my best efforts of  hiding my feelings for her. Actually, I was, and I still am, quite good at it. We were almost at the end of the semesters of the 3rd year of class, when something changed in our relationship. Ahh, I can’t forget that day. And I can’t forget the culprit as well. Mr. 013. All my friends knew about this girl. Mr. 013 also knew about our affair. He is still a good friend, but I was very angry at him that day. 4 of my friends, including Mr. 013 were celebrating someone’s birthday. No points for guessing that the main attraction of the party was, THE WHISKY (some brand, that’s not important though, but I remember), and not the birthday boy. He was forgotten after we each landed a few kicks on his back. And there was an oversupply of it (whisky), enough to make us lose our minds. I had already lost my sanity. I could only hear the music playing on the computer with half closed eyes and an empty glass in my hand. Well, I was also thinking about Ms. 291, but I still wasn’t insane enough. I thought, alcohol gives you that rush of extra courage, but I needed a few more pegs to get to that stage where I could even think of surviving a fall from the 11th floor. Just then, my phone beeped. It was an SMS. As soon as I took it out of my pocket, Mr. 013 snatched it from my hands. He read out the contents of the SMS aloud. It was from Ms. 291.

“Hey, wassup? I am bored with these stupid girls, care to talk?”

I had to reply back. So, I asked Mr. 013, to return my phone. He said that he will reply that we were drinking and I would call her once we finished the alcohol. All my efforts of getting my phone back went in vain. So, I just let him do whatever he wanted and said, “Go ahead”. We had a little conversation.

Mr. 013 : Why haven’t you proposed her yet? Are you afraid?

Me : I am not afraid. I think she already knows how I feel about her, but I am just looking for the right time.

Mr. 013 : What the hell? It’s been 3 years, and you are still waiting for the right time? Anytime is the right time for this stuff. So do it today, right now. Else I will.

Me : No, please. I will take my time, I am not in a condition to talk, else I would have called her up right now. You always get me pumped up. Thanks.

The very next moment, I was back to my senses, when Mr. 013 thrust my phone into my face, which said, “Message Sent”. After a few clicks, I realized that the damage had been done. Mr. 013, sent “I Love You” to Ms. 291, from my phone. Damn!!!! Doomed forever!!! That night, the whole night, I was awake, waiting for my phone to beep again. But it never did. That was the last SMS………

15 thoughts on “The last SMS

  1. I need not be hidden from the world as 13…for some reason i was destined to have that number… Ne way good thing was atleast after that u knew the girl had no feelings for u ..so purpose of thinking about her was over….

  2. now…this is what I call a 'POST'.
    why were you writing about these mac crashes every time, when you had this brilliant story in your kitty.
    I do pity you for the outcome, but I know you have already found someone who sends you SMSs everyday πŸ™‚
    And you send her 'I love you' and your phone keeps beeping all the time. πŸ™‚

    Guess, we should have those 'Whisky party' sometime again.

  3. This is a very interesting story, and I like how you told it. I want to know what happened next too, since I assume you continued going to class with her.

  4. @2k2 273: If you have stories, then go ahead and pen them down. We would really like to know about your stories, and I am sure there are a few of them. πŸ™‚

  5. This post of yours is simple with an appeal to it, and people can easily relate to it, at different levels I am sure. Well expressed.

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