2nd October Day

Well, 2nd October, a national holiday, but dry day !!!!!DSC01571 Many people look forward for this day, so that they can sit at home, enjoy TV, sleep, and chill out. Well, liquor shops would have seen increase in their daily sales if this day had not been a dry day. Perhaps, this holiday would have been better for some people, had it been a NORMAL HOLIDAY, instead of a DRY DAY (HOLIDAY). So what about Mahatma Gandhi? Well, I remember a friend of mine who just can’t stand the utterance of his name. I have also met people who admire him and follow him. There is so much fuss about this day on the news channels, about why he is not remembered by the youth of today, why people don’t follow wh at he said. Mr. Tharoor has tweets saying that “We should work on this day.” It’s not only this day, our Independence day, Republic day, and so on are not being celebrated as some people would like us to, these days. Why am I writing about this today? Well, I had to write something today, and so I picked up this topic. I was happy that Google had put a picture of The Father of our Nation on it’s homepage. I am also happy that it’s a holiday. I am sad that India is out of the Champions Trophy. I am sad because I am still living in the Furnace city of India, “Chennai”, :-) 

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