Airports are a fun place. Before taking off from Chennai, I was wondering how would I wait for my connecting flight from Hyderabad for 5 hours. I always wondered how people managed to wait for so long at the airports. The most painful thing being at an airport is that “No smoking”. What a relief when a friend told me that there was a smoking room in Hyderabad airport, I was delighted. But then, I didn’t have any cigarettes with me. I had around 5 hours to waste before my next flight was scheduled. I could have easily gone out of the airport, roamed the city, smoked a few and drunk some beer.
Well, those things are history, so I saved up so many calories, the local temperature was 30 degrees. So, I bought myself a McDonald’s Happy Meal, which cooled me down (the Coke). There was a guy, who bought a Coke, and after one sip, realized that it was Sprite. I thought I would be witnessing a murder today. But the McD people replaced his Cold drink with his favorite brand without any fuss, probably sensing some danger, and that was enough to settle him down. I think, this can be a good advertising idea. šŸ™‚
There was a kid, who wasn’t too happy to see his food at the McD, but was just overwhelmed to see the toy that came with that meal.
I finished mine, and walked out. Now what???
Well, I walked towards the Departures, and tried to enter. The guard said that I was too early. He said that, he would allow me in, but later I will not be allowed to come out. I thought, for a moment, and inside the glass doors, I saw an advert saying, 45 minutes of free wi-fi. That was like, the TOY with the Value Meal. I said, I just had my lunch and I wouldn’t need to come out.
Opened my laptop, and tried connecting to the wireless. Wasn’t easy, but I always figure out these things. So, in 10 minutes I was logged into GTalk. I started conversation with a few, and after sometime, none of them were replying. Well, I have internet, but now, I can’t chat, a dearth of online friend, where have they gone??? May be a bar, today’s saturday, one of them has gone for a walk to the beach. šŸ™‚
So, I thought, why not write a blog. It’s been quite some time that I had written. So, I guess, I have used up the whole 45minutes of free braodband, and now I have to take out my Reliance NetConnect Broadband+.
Hold on guys, brb.

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