Global Warming and Local Warming

Everybody is gearing up to face “Global Warming”. And right now, I am sitting in this part of the world, where I guess I am not equipped to face the “Local warming”. What it takes to start this “Local Warming”, well, just switch off the fan/ac, and all the liquid inside my body starts oozing out from every pore of my skin. But, the others, I have noticed, seem to manage to withstand the heat, and keep the sweat inside their bodies. And when someone sees me all wet, I am sure they must be wondering if it had rained from where I was coming. usa_-_summer_04.1091210220.raining_on_kids

5 thoughts on “Global Warming and Local Warming

  1. dude, it takes time to get sync with the env u r living in. Now you can not blame Antarctica, if you feel cold there other than people living there.

    Vese if you are feeling so then yeah this anonymous guy is right, u r n idiot…

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