Final Frontier…Catrified Again…

Today was the final Mock CAT. What a relief !!!! Well, I didn’t do any better than the other mocks, but, finally, the preparation days are over, and we will be facing the real one very soon, head-on. Best of luck to everyone.

Do you remember this picture? I just read a post that I had posted this time around, last year. The last lines were:

On a serious note:
CAT is not everything in my life, morever, this was my first attempt, a real live MOCK CAT for me. And I have already started preparing for the next year’s CAT. It just takes a MAN to crack the CAT.

Hahaha….That preparation I was talking about had not lasted for more than a week. Last year I scored a percentile of 84.6 . I will be very very disappointed if I score less than that. But, I am still hoping for some miracle to happen. I have been very unlucky during all those Mocks, but I am still hopeful that I will give my career best performance on the D-day.

For me, all those pencil and paper preparations are over. This remaining one week, I will be getting up early in the morning, as early as 6:30, just to make sure that I am not late for the exams.

My next post will be coming up on 16th November. Hope so.
Till then, enjoy the winters…..

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