Obama’s WON !!!!

So, finally, its official. I had always had this feeling that Obama was going to win. All the newspapers always had some news or the other about the recent US presidential campaign. Not only the newspapers, the news channels were giving much more coverage that I would have liked. But this picture today on TOI was a real shock to me.

Was Manmohan Singh offered a cake when he won the elections? Did anybody even knew who was Prativa Patil till she became the President? Or that lady in the picture is some distant cousin of Obama? What the hell!!! A girl from Delhi or Bangalore or any other metro, for that matter, is quite understandable, but from a city like Bikaner !! That surprised me. Of-course, winning the elections, perhaps is the greatest achievement for Obama, but why is this girl so happy???

2 thoughts on “Obama’s WON !!!!

  1. I agree with u completely .They say The president of the USA is almost the ruler of the world, the Indian media and our people are slowly proving the myth. I have utmost respect for Obama, but I would like to see my president & PM more in the limelight than the President of USA! Thanks to our media, Obama has been a news item for almost 1.5 yrs now ! I wonder if he would even pay a visit to our country during his term.Most US presidents dont, on the other side may be our leaders are not charismatic enough !It is time for our people to look for one rather than being over joyed about a leader in another country .

  2. I am kind of confuse. What is bugging you more? So much attention of media toward the US news or the Shrinking world.

    First of all, There is huge difference between Indian elections and US elections. In India party is the prime factor which remains in limelight while US it is the person who is highlighted. It is quite impossible to fetch the details of the person in India.

    Why is media concentrating on such issue that may not belong to common person? So it question is absurd now. Media is no more a responsible entity in india. Now they are spreading masala news. US election is again the big masala news for them.

    Now about bikaner gal, I am really happy to see that people from remote places are also aware of such things… And why sud not she be happy… She likes him and she is celebrating her victory..

    I hope i got you right and explained myself well

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