You can’t beat me.

bloggin Hey, Kunal. You can’t beat me so soon. You started so late, and you are already two posts ahead of me. I know, I know, I have been lazy, and you have been hyperactive,(very uncharacteristic of you though), but I will definitely catch up with you in no time.

I will give up everything, CAT, SHAT, XAT, PHAT to just write one more post than you. Though, technically speaking, I have a lot more posts than you, but you wouldn’t agree to it, would you?

So, here’s another one. I just downloaded “Windows Live Writer”, which is like an offline blogging client that can publish to almost all of the well-known blogging sites. I think you should give it a try. This is the first post that I will be posting using Live Writer. Actually this post should have gone into another blog of mine, that blah blahs about some tech stuff, but I just had to increase the number of posts on this one. Hehe. See, I don’t give up  so easily. Well, you can say that I am determined, but if compared with others, I am not sure where would I stand. 
Okay, Okay, I have written enough for this post. Well, one more thing. Do you know, Blogger just wouldn’t allow any blog to use up unlimited storage capacity. It has allocated only 1 GB per user. WTF. 1 GB…. My life compacted into a single GB of 0’s and 1’s?? I have already used up around 57 MB. Of course, the pictures take up most of the space. 
Sunday will perhaps be the turning point of life. Well, the angle of the turn can vary from 0 to 360 degrees. But I am expecting a minimum turn of 90 and a maximum turn of 270. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be a 0 degree or a 360 degree turn. 
That’s all I have to write in this one. I just wanted to test the Windows Live Writer. Have fun. Keep posting.

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