Mumbai Meri Jaan…

Yet another movie, that touches the core of the hearts of each and every Indian, but yet again fails to make them brave enough to actually do something about it. Movies like Rang De Basanti, Bhagat Singh, Mumbai Meri Jaan, etc are no doubt great works by Bollywood. But, I sometimes just wonder how quickly we bring back normalcy in our thoughts or actions. For some, the content of these movies is not worth discussing, rather they are more interested in the box-office collections, actors’ outfits, director’s brilliance, great music, screenplay and the possible awards that these movies could be nominated for.

After the Mumbai blasts, I remember someone saying in a news channel that, “Even after these blasts, Mumbai will not fear, Mumbai will not give up, Mumbai will re-live”. The way things are going on now, there is every possibility of another such incident happening in the near future. Are we doing something about it? Or we are just trying to accept the fact that, everytime, a there is a bomb-blast in Mumbai, we will cry for a few seconds, mourn for 2 minutes, observe silence for 5 minutes and then again, from the next day, will continue leading our lives as if nothing has happened.

Its not just about Mumbai. I guess, we have turned into such a herd, incidents such as this just don’t shake us well enough. Such indifference?? These were a few comments from people that I have been hearing from people off-late, some of them, contributed by my friends…

Delhi Blasts:
In some IT company’s cafeteria,

A – What’s going on these days? So many blasts, now in Delhi too …
B – It’s good for India. At-least, it is solving the population problems of India.

Bihar Floods:
In some IT company’s cafeteria,

A – Why should I donate any money for the victims? I know, by the time it will reach the real needy, 90% of my donations would have vanished into the pockets of the politicians.
B – Well, may be 95% in case of Bihar.

I can write a some more. But, I guess, you would have got a perspective of what I want to communicate. Do we really care if somebody at a distant place is drowning under water, do we care about people who are lost and separated from their families, do we care if the child who lost his parents is eating or not, do we care if the person who lost his hand in a blast is able to find an alternative source of income for his family of four. I don’t think so. But we care about how to reach office in time for that important meeting, we care about taking a day off to watch a cricket match, we care about our pet’s fever, we care about our stock market investments. I am not saying each and every Indian thinks and does the same. There are people who really do care, and do their best in extending their help to the victims, but we need more, lots of such people who really CARE….lots and lots of them.