Another Nightmare !!! (What’s Happening????)

Hey people, It might seem that I am making up all these stories by myself. The probability of such events happening to anyone cannot be a positive real number. But, when I am asleep, I have complete freedom to dream about anything. Well, but it seems that, for quite some time I have been losing control over my dreams. I see my fears in my dreams, I see things which I want to avoid in life, etc etc. And, the most important point is, since last week, I have been able to remember each one of them when I wake up.

Well, here goes the latest one.

November 16, 2008: Bangalore, Its CAT day, and I am at the center well before the scheduled commencement of the toughest exams for MBA aspirants like me. I couldn’t have had a better preparation than this. After a smoke, and a Center Fresh in my mouth, I walked into the exam hall with the kind of confidence that you must have seen in “Lakhsya” when Hritik set out alone to do the impossible. Anyways, I am adding some “masala” into this story, else, I would not be able to explain how I felt when I woke up.

I had two pencils, and one pen, two erasers, and a sharpener, my I-card, my wrist watch(which I so frequently forgot during the numerous Mocks), my specs(this was not necessary during the exam, but I had thought of sight-seeing(chicks) after the exams) and finally the killer-instinct. I don’t remember the roll number assigned to me, but besides me, there was this girl who seemed to be as nervous any other beautiful girl in that hall. Our eyes met, and I smiled. I gave her a thumbs-up and she did the same. I was just about to shake hands with her, when the invigilator started distributing the papers. I thought I would do that later, since I would have lots of time after-wards. Now was the time to concentrate on something else. And finally, we were instructed to open the seals of our papers and start with the test. In “Rajnikant istyle”, I tore open the seal(perhaps to impress her) and started sifting through the paper. On the first glance, the paper seemed to be a sitter. When I started answering, I felt, that each and every solution I arrived at, seemed to be just the perfect answer.

I don’t remember the exact number of questions that I attempted, but I was more than satisfied with my performance. And finally, when I thought that I would answer no more(fear of negative marks), I , just for a moment thought about that girl. Till now, I had not noticed that she was in a all-blue attire, my favorite color. I tried peeping into her answer sheet, not to look at her answers in a way of copying, but in the hope of discovering her name. And just then, I realized something horrible. I had not put in my Name, Registration Number and other details, on my answer sheet. I looked at my watch, and there was still some 10 minutes left for THE END. I was relieved.

I picked up my pencil, and just when I was about to put the pencil to paper, something happened. I just couldn’t move my hand anymore. Not even an inch. Not even a stray mark. And the next thing I remember was somebody snatching away my answer sheet.

Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was it just a dream. Or was I seeing the future. Does this mean anything? Any one can read dreams?? Was the dream about CAT or that GIRL in BLUE???? Please help me!!!!!!!!!!