Finally, Here comes the Smoking Ban

Wow, it took almost 3 years for our Government to bring out the “Smoking Ban” Act. This will be in effect from the 2nd of October this year, on Gandhi Jayanthi. Here are some points to be pondered over:

1. As per the revised Rules, smoking is banned in shopping malls, cinema halls, public/private work place, hotels, banquet halls, discotheques, canteen, coffee house, pubs, bars, airport lounge, railway stations.

2. People can smoke on roads or in their homes but not in any other place.

Well, the first question that comes into my mind is, “Is it justified?”

Many non-smokers would answer in affirmative, but a lot of my friends will be grinning, at the thought that here is another law that can be broken at will. As for me, I only smoke when no one is looking. Since, for the world, I have quit smoking.

Ok, what about pubs and bars?? Is it justified?? I don’t have an answer. When I was not a smoker, I really hated people who enjoyed blowing smoke over someone else’s face, but then I started doing the same to people who asked me to quit. Sometimes, I was beaten up, and then I realized that I just can’t do it to everyone, of course not to the girls at the pubs, especially when they are with their boy friends. But What the Hell……Why Pubs and Bars…..

I agree to everything else, not a ban on smoking in public places…..ok…Pubs and Bars are public places…..But, people go there to drink, smoke, dance, enjoy…..These are the necessary ingredients of the atmosphere. Any one of them goes missing, and the fun vanishes.

What about smoking zones then?? Aren’t those public places as well, should smoking be banned there also? Please comment.

Ok, now the Act allows people to smoke in their homes…WOW…thanks Health Minister. Isn’t that a public place? I mean, if you are having a party at your house, will the law be applicable there? Even if there is no party, why should the government decide if I should smoke in my home or not.

What about my car, though I don’t have one yet, but what about people having those small mobile private homes? Is it punishable??

This law needs serious amendments, before it comes into force. What say people??

If you don’t act now, someday, the Government will come up with a law that migth ban “Females in Pubs, Bars, Malls, Cinema halls” but only allow them in your homes and the street.