The proposal

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Keith dropped Veronica in-front of her PG. Both were still holding hands, facing each other, smiling. Suddenly, it started raining. Veronica hurriedly pulled away her hands and ran to escape from the rain without even looking back. Keith, waved her good bye and got into his car. He messaged her,

Keith: That was rude. Why would you run away? I love the rains. It’s not that late either.

He waited in his car, hoping that Veronica would come back. Instead, his phone beeped:

Veronica: I hate the rains. And it’s already midnight. And please accept the fact that I am, and will forever be rude like this. This is the way I am.

Keith didn’t not know how to respond. He was trying to be romantic but Veronica seemed indifferent to his feelings. He didn’t know what to do, say or feel. This was the first date of his life. Although he just wanted to have a nice time, Veronica’s behaviour throughout the day had been different. All these events and every detailed conversation was being replayed in Keith’s mind while he was driving back to his house. He was utterly confused. He didn’t know if his first date was a success or he failed miserably.

His phone rang. It was Veronica calling. Keith was a bit reluctant to answer, and let it ring. He was getting ready to sleep, thinking what to talk about now. He called back.

Veronica: Hey, let’s resume our game. Are you settled and ready to sleep? Because this is going to be a very looooooong call. We might talk through the night as well. Be prepared.

Keith was a bit irritated and tired after such a stressful game. He was out of ideas and punch lines. He wasn’t expecting this at all. But he couldn’t have possibly said no. Although he still wanted to talk to her, but he wanted this game to be over soon, win or lose.

Keith: I am a bit tired. My phone’s battery is low (phone was 98% charged). Can we play this game tomorrow? I also had planned to study a bit.

Veronica: (seemingly angry) OK. Bye. Good night.

Keith: No, no. Hold on. Let’s play some more till my phone dies.

And the call went on. For 3 hours. It was 4am and the game was still going on.

Veronica: OK Next. I think you are running out of ideas. I am disappointed in you. The game is pretty simple. Let’s try one more time. “Tell me one thing that you have never told me”.

Keith: I have already told you so many things and you accepted all my answers. How many of them do you need to know? Can’t we continue this tomorrow or some other day? Well, frankly, I can’t think of anything else now. Let’s stop this game.

Veronica: Come-on. Don’t get irritated. I know it’s not an easy game. And I never said that it was going to be easy. Now continue.

Keith: Sorry, I honestly don’t have anything else to tell you. So, let’s declare you the winner then.

Veronica: Well, I know for sure that there’s just one thing. Why are you not telling me that? Okay, I will make it easier for your. “Tell me one thing that you have never told me, and you think I want to hear from you right now”.

Keith was nervous. He was always looking for the right moment to tell her this, and for some reason, he had not been able to. He wondered why it took him so long to tell this. The game could have probably ended during the dinner and they could have moved on with something more interesting.

Keith: I LOVE YOU!!!

Veronica: Game over.

And then she hung up. Keith was confused yet again. What was he supposed to do now. Sleep? How could he sleep? He didn’t try to call her back or message her.

Keith: (To himself) What did I do? Why did I say this to her? I proposed to her on our first date? Why didn’t she respond? Does “Game over” mean she loves me? When will she reply? Tonight? Tomorrow?

Tired from the long conversation and restless with all these questions, Keith finally slept off.

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  1. Suspense mein latka diya 🙂 Keith sleeps an awful lot… 😉
    Btw, “game over” and “you win” to be aligned.
    Good to see you writing again!

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