Product Review: Procus Hustle – Laptop Bag

I needed a laptop bag, and saw the product suggestion on Amazon, priced at Rs. 2,099. From the specs, it looked awesome, so I ordered it.

After 2 weeks of usage, I am ready to pen down my review.

First looks: After unboxing it (a red one), I was a little disappointed with the colour and the finish of the bag, however, it wasn’t actually bad. The actual product doesn’t look as good as the pictures on Amazon. But, it definitely stands out in the crowd. I got everyone asking about the new bag. It looked stylish, and different than the usual laptop bags I had used in the past.

Features: I was happy with all the features that was described on the product details page. It had all the pockets and compartments that I had checkout out. However, the Anti-theft design (no access to the bag at the front) is a nice to have, but I wouldn’t buy this bag just for this.

Build quality: The build quality looks and feels good.

Rain cover: Fits OK and is an accessory that I would have bought anyway.

Phone charging option: This is a very convenient feature. Although I haven’t used it as much, it’s a big plus.

Compartments: There’s enough compartments for you to pack up a variety of things along with your laptop and accessories and keep them organised. One thing I miss personally is a bottle holder.

Capacity: With my MacBook, chargers, power bank, headphones and books, I can easily pack 2 sets of clothes, with still some space free. You would not have any complaints with Procus Hustle’s capacity.

Safety reflectors: Nice to have if you walk or ride a bike with your bag.

Ease of use: Well, the anti-theft design, comes at a compromise. Opening and accessing the contents is a bit comfortable at first. The main shoulder straps actually prevent you to easy open the zips. Although you would get used to it, it can get very uncomfortable at times. Accessing the side pockets, pockets on the shoulder straps are easy.

On your shoulders, it could be uncomfortable as well, at-least initially. The bag keeps it shape, so it doesn’t hug your shoulders and back. However, after a week of usage, I don’t see this as a problem.

The shoulder straps could have been a bit better. They don’t seem very comfortable.

Is it heavy? Not at all.

Why I bought Procus Hustle?

  • Stylish and a different design
  • Phone charging option
  • Capacity and multiple pockets to keep your things organised
  • Good build quality and design

What could have made this bag a lot more useful?

  • A bottle holder
  • Better design for accessing the main compartment
  • More comfortable shoulder straps

Overall review

Procus Hustle is a nice laptop bag, with a good build quality and decent capacity. It surely a head turner. For the price, I would surely recommend it if you are planning to purchase a new laptop bag.

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