Things I hate about gyming

barbell on the floor
Photo by Leon Ardho on Pexels.com
  • Waking up early each and every day, while the wife’s alarm clock still has an hour to ring.
  • Putting on and off my shoes and socks. That’s like 10 precious minutes of my morning.
  • Reaching the gym. Each second before I enter the door, I think of skipping it that day.
  • Even after I reach the gym so early, there are already so many people lined up near the treadmills.
  • Right after I enter the gym, all the pretty girls are about to finish their workout.
  • There’s always a queue in front of the water cooler, especially when I am out of breath, and my throat has gone completely dry.
  • I follow all the rules of the gym, while the more muscular guys do whatever they want.
  • My determination for the day just drops off after the first 20 minutes of working out.
  • When I am ready to leave, more pretty girls start pouring in through the doors.
  • Just when my determination bounces back, my muscles give up.

Every day is a new day. I have been a bit irregular at the gym for the last few days. And I am planning to get back to my usual routine from tomorrow. That’s going to be hard though after so many days of abstinence. So, need to sleep early, and set the alarm back at 5:00 AM. Good night.

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