Emotional Atyachaar – Beware

Hey couples! Beware!! Next time when a hot chick or a handsome dude approaches you to ask for directions. If you know the directions, give them just that. Turn down all their requests of going for a dinner, even a coffee. This just might be your partner spying on you. :@

I guess, everybody would have heard about this reality show where people spy on their partners. It’s a nice concept actually, but I guess, it doesn’t fit in rightly into the Indian scenario. I mean, it’s my guess of course, that, given a chance of a free meal, at-least 95% of us would go for it. Though, the stats from the show suggest that almost 99% of the partners are not loyal.  But, is it a big deal? To some, may be. Obviously everybody wants his/her partner to be loyal. But, as far as I can think, or analyze, it’s not a big deal for the couples of today to err or have an affair(short-term) out of their commitments. I have seen many people break-up on petty issues than this. Seems that “Loyalty Test” is the ultimate test for couples before they actually carry on with the relationship or tie the knot.

Spying on your partners is fine. And perhaps, the show has helped a few couples to know about their partners dark side. But is it right to make this a public affair? And that too on the National TV? True, for some, this might well be a fitting revenge for their cheating partners, but what about the poor guys who just thought of having a good time??

As somebody rightly said on the show, “I am not somebody’s paycheck”. The TV channel has no doubt generated a large viewer-ship for it’s season II which will be starting soon. I love the show anyway, but I think there should be a bit more censorship. Don’t disclose the names and faces of people. And may be they shouldn’t air couples who are not yet serious about their relationship.

3 thoughts on “Emotional Atyachaar – Beware

  1. @Kunnu: I think this is best time pass to see people sneaking in someone else's privacy…

    @Psycho: Your doubts about the statics are acceptable.

    The show is about the cheating. Will you really watch the show if you will find the gentleman does not kiss the sexy model or other way round would not you like to see what your mind thinks… And in show they are telecasting our thinking… and that brings the publicity, TRP to them…

  2. @Vishal..its not about our thinking but the reality…i think its real…imagine urself in that situation wont u go forward nd kiss d sexy model???
    @Beanie…nice post…i too love d show…but i dont know how can ppl trust some1 who is not worth it…

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