Post 2009

1 month is about to pass by, and today, on the 25th day of 2009, I am writing 2009down my first post of this year. Well, 4 gone, 2 still under the covers. But, not much expectations from them too. I guess, I am pretty much sure now, as to how should I travel my life. But, present times are difficult. Global meltdown, recession, bourses tumbling, cash crunch, find their mention in the daily news. Amidst all these, there are more violent incidents taking place all around. I am not going to blabber much in this post, since, I don’t have a topic today. Just, wanted to give a start to 2009, since nothing has happened that would permit me to give it a great start, so, here I am, A SUTBLE START TO 2009……HAPPY NEW YEAR…..