Where is it?

I am searching for something, but I don’t know what. That is the root of the problem. Many of us, rather, I would say, every one of us is searching for something, definitely, we are searching for something, looking everywhere for something, but we surely don’t know what is it ? Though, we don’t even know, what we are searching for, we are asking ourselves the question, “Where is it?”. Isn’t it weird? Do I sound like a maniac? Do I talk like a psycho? First things first, “Why am I writing about this ?” MLOH This is the “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”. From the bottom, I guess, I am on the third level. I am desperately trying to climb up as fast as possible, but it seems that the last two stages are the most difficult tread on. But, my patience has started showing signs of ageing. I hate “Psychology”. But, I believe in it. This theory looks OK to me. At-least, it resembles my hierarchy. But, do you really think that human desires or needs are hierarchical? Give it a thought, because many people(read #!@#%^$# Psychologists) disagree. I am one of them.