My Dearest SE K550i

Lovely morning. Hectic day in office, I had to sit from 11 to 5 today. Had to see sony-ericsson-k550i-blackoff a friend who was leaving Bangalore, and then when I was coming back, I thought I would save some pennies by taking the bus (on someone’s recommendation), but that cost me Rs. 4350/- . Someone stole my cell in the bus. A little bit of tension. Got down, and used the pay phone after such a long time. Pay Phones have their own utility, I thought they have lived their lives, but they are still useful in today’s mobile world. But, the phone was instantly switched off by the rogue. And all my hopes of getting my cell back were lost. No problem. Next steps!!! 1. Block my SIM .  The Airtel shop was closed by the time I reached there. 2. Had to meet a friend. Had an appointment, but without my cell, I didn’t know the time. So, I used the Pay phone for the second time today. Had dinner and went with her to get my new mobile. 3. Buy a new mobile. Global Access. The cheapest SE, which had USB connectivity, so that I could get back all the contacts without any trouble. Cost me Rs. 4350. 4. Get back home. How wonderfully Bangalore autowalas behave???  5. Tomorrow morning, block the SIM. Reach Airtel shop and block the old one and get a replacement. And live happily. I want to say sorry and thank you to my dear SE K550i for all the lovely moments that we had spent together. So many hours of conversations, so many messages. Although I could have never imagined my life without you, but it seems that  Destiny has a different story for both of us. No matter where you are, I will always miss you. I don’t know if you would ever remember me again, but I will always remember you and cherish the moments that we have lived together. sony_ericsson-w200 Well, I just forgot to mention, my new mobile…. Sony Ericsson W220i. She is my new baby now. Hope we will be compatible with each other. Only time will tell.

6 thoughts on “My Dearest SE K550i

  1. Missing you so much…But I have already found a replacement….. Ad hey, you left your accessories with me, charger, data cable, head phones….If you need them, you have to come back to me…I will keep them with me in safe custody until then…

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