What a spectacle !!!

Moon on 1st december I don’t remember the date, but it was somewhere in November. What a spectacle. A smiling face, which looked like a 2 year olds drawing. I wouldn’t have looked up into the sky that day, but for a friend who called me up and asked me to look up. Fortunately, the sky was clear and I was not in office, else I would have missed this amazing arrangement of our MOON and the two planets (not sure which ones were they). But one thing I realized, that in today’s world also, there are people who have time to look up into the sky, look at the stars and enjoy the beautiful spectacles which are still a mystery for us. I remember those summer nights at home, when everyone of us used to gather in the evening on the terrace, with tea and chat away the evenings. How wonderful those times were. But, with cable TVs and the Internet, I thought those times could never be re-lived by the humans. But now, I believe, we can really do those childish things again, as and when we wish. I called up many people and asked them to look into the sky. I was really surprised, they already knew. Wow…… And by the way, it was 1st of December……The picture might not be very clear in this black background, but try finding the three white figures above.

4 thoughts on “What a spectacle !!!

  1. The two dots are Venus(left) and Jupiter….And the next time when it happens, you will be 44 years older…

    It was god's way to ask us to smile more…which many of us(excluding me) has forgotten in our quest of..so called better life.

  2. Wow…Thanks for the technical insight…

    I guess you are right, though, I am not a firm believer of GOD, it is surely a sign for something…

    Delhi had a clear sky that night???

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