Cooking Diaries: The disaster

Weekends are generally my turn to surprise my wife and daughter. Today, this is what I made. Khaman Dhokla. Here’s a picture of what was expected and what the outcome was. It spoiled my years of reputation as a cook in my house. This is the worst disaster ever in the kitchen for me.

Cooking Disaster: Khaman Dhokla
Cooking Disaster: Khaman Dhokla

I was trying to multitask, entertain the kid and make lunch as well. And I lost track of time, till I saw smoke coming out of the microwave. The wife burst out in anger, which quickly turned into laughter, when my 2-year-old daughter asked, “Papa, Ye Dhokla Tha?”

This wasn’t the second batch of Dhokla. My wife made the first ones, and my daughter knew what a Dhokla looked and tasted like. It was yummy. Unfortunately, I didn’t click a picture of it.

Creation in the Kitchen

Sorry folks, the Veg Pulav looked so tasty, and it was smelling so good, that we couldn’t even pause for a second to click a photo of my first “Creation in the Kitchen”. My first dab at cooking wasn’t bad.

A friend and I decided to cook something. We were bored of the eating outside everyday. When I called up my sister at home, to ask for the recipe, she started shouting out so loud as if the sky had fallen. 🙂 Cooking and Me!!!! Well, Everybody, I am sure will raise their eyebrows if the word “cooking” is somehow, even remotely, associated WITH ME, ever.  Even if people always doubted my culinary skills, in the inside, I have always had this belief that I would “COOK OKAY…….”

So, Mom described me all that had to be done, and finally, within 30 minutes (I know I know, that’s quite long for Pulav), our Pulav was ready to eat. Well, It couldn’t have been perfect. The peas were not fully cooked. I kept them aside, and my friend ate them all.

I guess, I have made my Mother proud today. 🙂

PS: I googled for the picture.