I got cold, and and have a running nose. Although I can now wipe my phlegm off from my nostrils, I get very irritated, because it disturbs me a lot when I am playing. Finally, irritated:

Me: Mumma, my nose is running. Why is everything happening to me?

Mumma: You should say, I have a running nose.

Mumma: You should say, I have a running nose.

Me: Mumma, I have a running nose. Why others have a standing nose?

I don’t want to play alone, and Mumma and Papa get very tired and irritated when I keep on asking them to play with me. I got scolded badly today. Another problem I have is I can’t keep quite. As soon as my eyes open in the morning, I start blabbering. Mumma and Papa ask me to talk softly, and sometimes ask me to keep quite. But I respond, in a sad tone:

“I don’t know how to keep quite.” And start crying after that.

Papa keeps on making useless stuff as per Mumma, but I enjoy those activities. This is what we made a few days back and I have gone mad about it. I keep on saying:

“Chalo, Jungle Jungle khelenge.” (Let’s play jungle jungle). And for this, me and Papa got some very nice words and expressions from Mumma. 

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