Hello World!!!

It was a pretty busy night, and I was all prepared. But Mom and Dad didn’t have a clue. My mom was expecting me to come in another 7 days at least, and my Dad, as usual, didn’t need any warning.

Mom started complaining about her contractions at about 10 in the night (13th Feb). Till 12 pm, she couldn’t bear the pain, and the contractions were pretty regular and consistent. According to our doctor (Dr. Namitha Kapoor Sehgal), this was the time to rush to the hospital. So, my mom and dad, along with Dadaji and Dadi, got into the car and headed towards the Hospital (Yashomati Hospitals), which was at a stone’s throw distance from our house.

The on-duty doctor (junior), had a good night’s duty that day. My mom, as always, was all tensed and worried. And the on-duty doctor, after a checkup, asked us to come back in the morning since we still had more time.

(Chuckles) — I wanted to play with Momma before I greet her with my “VAAAIIN VAAAIIN”.

And so, we came back. My momma tried to tolerate the pains induced my kicks and boxes. I was just having fun. This was my first chance to make mom cry out really loud.

Mom tried to sleep some more, but the contractions were too strong for her. At about 4am in the morning, we again packed our bags and headed to the hospital. We had also talked to the doctor about the status. She said she will be there at about 6am in the morning. Till our doctor arrived, my mom was fighting the pains bravely, although I could hear her curse and shout out, “Please, Do a C-section, and take the baby out, I can’t bear the pain anymore”. But I was determined to make a grand exit out of my momma’s tummy. My mom started relaxing when our doctor walked in. She was nice, and very encouraging, and my momma calmed down.

From then on, it was a pretty easy job for everyone. Dad and Granny were there in the labor room. Daadi was massaging my mom, and dad was there, all the time, holding the oxygen mask on momma’s nose (She refused to put it on).

At 8:03 am, 14th Feb, I came out of my momma’s warm and cosy womb, and greeted everyone with a loud cry. πŸ™‚

“Hello Everyone, I murmured in my mind”.

That was the first day of my life.

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